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Denise M. Zanchelli, MBA CHE

Denise M. Zanchelli, MBA CHE, with her work with over (25) years at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) building and fostering exceptionally strong relationships with chefs from all over the world, will take the lead in our new Private Chef Division.

Whether to work at your business, vacation home or as a Private Chef in your permanent residence, the decision to bring a Private Chef into your business or home and cook for your family, is critical. It is important to select the right Private Chef Agency to partner with – a firm you can trust. At David Meyers Associates (DMA), we have over 20 years of experience successfully placing chefs in Private Clubs throughout the country. We do diligent work, and our successful results confirm this.

Why choose David Meyers Associates (DMA) to find your Private Chef?

  1. We have an outstanding team of professional search consultants.
  2. The personal nature of Private Chefs is very similar to those qualities found in Club Chefs and we have extensive experience placing Chefs in Private Clubs throughout the country.
  3. Our database has a vast network of Club clients and their membership.

Nothing is more personal, with guaranteed confidentiality and discretion, than that of placing Private Chefs, and we do it right.

Our Private Chef Placement Specialists understand that you are selecting someone who is going to be a part of your household staff. We will meet with you to discern exactly what you are seeking in a Chef. From grocery shopping and daily food preparation to private events, our Chefs will prepare quality food that will fit your lifestyle. We will find the Chef who meets your specific needs in terms of expertise, culinary and dietary preferences, and personality. We will thoroughly vet candidates to ensure you only spend time interviewing those chefs who fully meet your expectations.

While each position has unique demands, the duties of a Private Chef often include menu planning, family and staff meal preparation, food shopping, pantry inventory, wine pairing, formal table setting and service, and he/she may even act as an in-residence, Kitchen Design Consultant and more. The nature of the position requires a constant “front-of-the-house” positive attitude, all while providing the utmost of discretion.

Whether your needs are to have a live-in or live-out Chef, we have the right network of top talent to find the right Chef to fit into your home and lifestyle. All placements include a ninety-day guarantee.

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