Chapter Education


David Meyers and Bill Schulz, both individually and collectively, have developed and participated in a number of professional development programs for leaders of the private club community throughout the country. These Programs have included presentations to members of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) American Culinary Association (ACF) on a national, regional and local level.

What Happened to Food& Beverage Profitability

Presenter Bill Schulz, MCM

"One of the more challenging questions the Club Manager encounters sometime in their career is to explain why the Club does not make money in their food and beverage operation."

In every club, there is usually one member on the Board of Directors or House Committee in the food business or someone who thinks he/she “knows it all” when it comes to running a food operation. This individual may be connected with the hospitality industry as a purveyor, in the hotel business, a partner in a popular restaurant or plays the role known as a “foodie” amongst member friends. This so called, Food Expert, just can’t understand why XYZ Restaurant is profitable and that every year, his Club incurs a loss in its food and beverage operation. To top it off, the Food Expert is not bashful and has a habit of influencing and sharing his opinion with any other member who will listen. The manager is often caught in the middle between satisfying the members and financial accountability to the Board and Finance Committee.

The food and beverage operation in a private club is complex. There is no single answer or reason as to why clubs, as a rule, do not turn a profit in their dining rooms.

The Evolution of Club Food

Presenter Bill Schulz, MCM

During this presentation we will examine why F&B operations in Club’s are difficult to manage. We will discuss the evolution and dynamics of Club food service as well as review current trends and practices.  We will provide insight to help you challenge your staff on ways to manage the operation and provide a few talking points to answer questions from your Board of Directors or committees. The objective is to give you a new perspective to better understand your operation.