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David Meyers Associates 

As club and resort communities demand a higher level of culinary expertise due to increased member and guest expectations; leading properties call upon David Meyers Associates to secure top culinary talent. With growing competition for the highest-quality culinary professionals coupled with changing economic conditions, management needs assurance they have retained the best match of talent and their business plan to achieve realistic objectives. Securing an ideal match is a risk unless strategic systems and expert guidance are used.

DMA uses a personalized approach to fulfilling hiring requirements. The process includes:

  • We complete an assessment of business expectations and overall facility appraisal. Often this includes a site visit to your property.
  • We conduct an environment assessment of systems, equipment, and logistics to gain valuable insight towards achieving operational goals that support an ideal match.
  • A position profile is then developed outlining the professional skills, employment experience and abilities required to match your business requirements.
  • We test ALL candidates using our proprietary Chef Strength Analysis to better evaluate them.
  • All candidates are thoroughly vetted candidate through extensive referencing practices.
  • Credentials and personal history background checks are verified by a highly regarded outsourced agency further substantiating integrity and recorded public records.
  • Presenting candidates for consideration after substantiating the individual’s experiences, character and career ambitions.

Throughout the selection process a genuine sense of urgency is practiced ensuring a timely and successful conclusion to the search.


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