Sucess Profile for Executive Chef


At David Meyers Associates we have an Expected Outcome in every search we undertake. We believe the Club’s food preparation and service operation shall be superior in every way possible. In this regard we look for the following requirements in our Chef’s.


  1. EDUCATION – Culinary graduate, preferably ACF Certified with a well-rounded background in different cuisines and types of restaurants.


  1. EXCELLENT PLANNING AND ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS – must be able to take his culinary knowledge and apply it to produce workable menus for various types of dining from fine dining, to banquets, to a casual environment.  Must be able to schedule staff effectively to meet the needs of the day.


  1. MATH SKILLS – to the degree necessary to assume responsibility of budgetary needs and requisitioning of supplies.


  1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS – works closely with staff members other than the kitchen, i.e. Banquet Coordinator, Clubhouse Manager, etc.  Must be flexible and understanding of other goals (of members or fellow staff members) which may not always mesh with his own.


  1. LEADERSHIP ABILITY – must command respect of the kitchen staff in order to achieve harmony and the expected outcome.  He/she must be a team builder, willing to coach and train.  Must lead by example.


  1. TEMPERAMENT - should possess a good sense of humor, be able to accept criticism without rancor and channel it constructively.  Outgoing and personable to accomplish the public relations requirements of the job. We like for our Chef’s to get to know the members and actually meet and talk with them.
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