Chef Tasting

Chef Tasting

Purpose: The purpose of the tasting exercise is to substantiate a general confidence in the individual’s culinary ability.  The tasting exercise is a reasonable challenge of the chef’s culinary, organization and management skills and should be a revealing test of his ability to product a four-course meal to a group with a three hour preparation time in a kitchen that will be a foreign environment.

Throughout the day we make periodic visits to kitchen evaluating the “Behind the Scene” process measuring composure, organization mindedness, efficiency, sanitation practices and handling methods, amongst other behaviors and techniques. It will also reveal how the Chef communicates and relates to the clubs staff.  Tasting menus will incorporate core listed ingredients that we provide.  Menus will vary with each tasting according to the region of the country, local specialties or what is a favorite on the clubs menu.  At the completion of the third course, the candidate will be invited to join the group to engage in a healthy Q&A exchange.

The “On-site Tasting Exercise” is optional and is prepared with ingredients representing materials commonly found on club menus. Candidates are instructed to write a menu and prepare a four-course meal within a four-hour period and then served to your Chef Selection Committee for evaluation. The number of portions to be determined according to the number of individuals participating in the evaluation process, i.e. committee, Board etc. (We suggest limiting this group to 10 or less). Personal supervision of Testing, Kitchen Evaluation and Administration is $2,000 additional plus travel and lodging expenses.

Note:  The Club can avoid this fee should they wish to conduct their own On-Site Evaluation and Testing. Complete instructions will be provided at no charge.

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