Food and Beverage Audit

Food and Beverage Audit

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Food & Beverage is a core component found in all club operations. Often times it is the little things that can transform an ordinary F&B operation into a consistent winner that club members support. In this regard a third party providing impartial or unbiased insight can help identify the shortcomings and suggest improvements.

The Food & Beverage audit approach includes observing operations, reviewing materials, (including financials) interacting with staff and members, inspecting facilities and equipment and taking a position that the charge is to recommend changes and solutions that could benefit the Club.

Senior Culinary Associate Bill Schulz uses an extensive checklist of “key target points” to test and verify. He systematically reviews the entire food and beverage operation and makes recommendations for improvement or, in some cases, confirms and verifies that management is on the right track.

The Food & Beverage Review is customized to your needs and may include the following:

  • Personnel – Hiring Practices; orientation; ongoing Training; attitude and cooperation of the service staff vs. back of the Club staff; appearance and sequence of service.
  • Facilities and Equipment – Evaluate condition of equipment; arrangement and effective usage. Does staff have the appropriate tools to do the job?
  • Purchasing Review – Is the Club making an effort to get the best possible price for the quality desired?
  • “Follow that Food” – from receiving to storage; production and delivery.
  • Menu balance and quality to promote the products your members order.
  • Member events and promotions.
  • Timing – Is the food coming out of kitchen on a timely basis? Are drinks served efficiently?
  • Sanitation & Safety – Are proper sanitation practices in place and being utilized?
  • Wine Program – Review wine service and programs, purchasing, storage and pricing.
  • Catering – Relationship of the Catering Staff working in concert with the Chef and staff?

For additional information, contact Bill Schulz, MCM or 713-252-2753

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