Celebrating Fifteen Years and Still Going Strong

Celebrating Fifteen Years and Still Going Strong

Hello All,

I am very proud to announce that David Meyers Associates is celebrating its Fifteenth Anniversary this September. As the title of my article indicates; after fifteen years and hundreds of successful Chef Placements throughout the Club Industry my firm is going strong. Bill and I and our growing team strive daily to provide you, our clients & culinary industry professionals the best technical culinary insight and responsive service available, always with our personal touch that David Meyers Associates is known for. We continue to refine our processes and are always looking for improvement. As a firm we are grateful to all our many clients, candidates, friends and associates that we partner with daily, enhancing club culinary standards.

I recall the decision to transition out of club operations and venture on my own many years ago. It was a difficult decision to say the least! My boys were young at the time and the security my family and I enjoyed with steady employment running a Top Club was comforting. A steady paycheck, health insurance and even a 401k is difficult to walk away from. When you are on your own these benefits are not part of the package, you and you alone are responsible for securing them. However, with a burning desire to focus on culinary – the craft that launched my initial career – and to be totally responsible for my destiny I couldn’t resist and jumped into the placement business head first.

Although I was inexperienced in the placement process, I had been an Executive Chef; I had hired many Chefs and was fortunate to have a solid foundation of culinary experience and administration. I was fortunate to have a solid foundation of culinary experience and administration. I was fortunate to have had sharing mentors in quality operations which I am forever grateful.

Well the proof is in the pudding and I simply love what I do. Not only do I relish the opportunity to help change and uplift the culinary operations in Clubs, I enjoy the networking, camaraderie and friendships forged at all levels throughout our industry. People and relationships are what my business is based on and I will never forget or overlook this important element. The truth is I owe my firm’s success to all of you who have supported me over the years. So as I celebrate this special fifteen years marker, I salute YOU because YOU allowed me to be successful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much; your friendship is most important to me!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Bill Hunt, CEC, AAC and Patti Stanwood who joined the firm earlier this year and actively complement all our chef searches. We are fortunate to have them working with us.

Also enjoy our continuing “Chef at Work” series, with Daniel Pliska, CEC, AAC, et al.Daniel is the Executive Chef and Assistant General Manager at the University Club of Missouri/University Catering and has a great story to share. You should know that Dan was recently honored to receive a Presidential Medallion at the recent ACF National Convention for his work with apprenticeship programs. He has coached and mentored many young culinarians throughout his distinguished career. I hope you will consider what Dan has to say.

Respectfully committed

David Meyers, President

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