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Executive Chef: Chevy Chase Club

Executive Chef: Chevy Chase Club

The Club: Chevy Chase Club is a distinctive social institution that provides its members, their families and guests with recreation and refuge from the stresses of daily life in the environs of the nation’s capital. The Club’s remarkable gardens, grounds, athletic venues and clubhouse facilities offer year round enjoyment for all ages. Facilities include golf and tennis venues, fitness facility, swimming complex, full size ice skating rink and various private party rooms and dining options, all of which provide the diverse membership with opportunities for social interaction. The professional staff strives to provide service without compromise. A governing board of members maintains this unique environment in a manner consistent with prudent financial stewardship and common interests.

History: Chevy Chase Club was organized in the fall of 1892 with the original grounds comprising 40 acres of field and forest including stables, a paddock, and a large old fashioned house. Chevy Chase Club was originally a hunt club growing from the need of the members of the Metropolitan Club, within the city itself, for a country club where riding and driving might be pursued in an area some distance away from the city where horses could not be stabled and ridden. The glamorous, but dangerous sport of the “Hunt” was held at over 30 meeting points in the 1890’s and early 1900’s. Original plans of the Club included a three-quarter mile track, cricket ground, tennis courts and a football ground.

Today, the Club offers an eighteen hole golf course, golf practice facility, seventeen outdoor tennis courts, four indoor tennis courts, seven paddle tennis courts, a fitness facility, three swimming pools, eight lanes of duckpin bowling, an outdoor ice rink, an eighteen room guest house, a nature trail and greenhouses. Food and beverage facilities include three clubhouse dining rooms, full banquet facilities, two seasonal sports canteens and a casual dining “Winter Center”.


The Position: The Executive Chef is responsible for the entire culinary operation including, but not limited to, menu design, food production, staff recruitment and development, establishment of standards, effective communications and cost controls. He/she maintains the highest professional standards for food quality and sanitation.

The Club requires a visionary leader with the personal and professional skill sets required by a large and complex foodservice operation. Success in the position starts with a genuine passion for cooking and a love for food.

Financial: Chevy Chase Club does in excess of $3.5 ML in food volume and maintains a 38% cost of food. Food is served in four primary ala carte areas including the Clubhouse Terrace Room, Clubhouse Tap Room, the seasonal Golf & Pool Canteen and the Winter Center. The Club also does approximately 45% of its volume serving private parties and club events. There are 58 individuals on the kitchen staff with an annual payroll budget of $1.5 ML.

Major Focus: Candidates must possess a track record of success in varying styles and presentation including traditional (comfort club fare) modern American, cuisines as well as upscale Club events. High volume casual dining is very important as the club does the majoriity of its casual dining in the Winter Center. The Winter Center kitchen will be brand new when it reopens in late October 2014. It will be important for the new Chef to devote time and expertise to this important area that is very popular with the members. Note: the main kitchen was completely renovated in 2004.

Primary Responsibilities: The Executive Chef runs the kitchen as he/she selects, administers, and develops all employees under his/her supervision consistent with Club philosophy and standards. The Executive Chef evaluates job performance of culinary staff; coaches and counsels to insure staff is on right track and rewards and disciplines staff in a fair and appropriate manner. The Chef will recommend compensation rates and/or increases for culinary staff. Provides training and professional development opportunities for all culinary staff on an ongoing basis. He/she will coordinate the work of chefs, cooks, and other kitchen employees to ensure that food preparation is consistent with established standards in an efficient manner and completed within the constraints of the operating budget.

The Executive Chef will attend all Executive Staff meetings and is expected to maintain a professional relationship with all employees. The Executive Chef should also be available to the membership for consultation on menus for private events. He/she earns the members respect by serving a consistent product in a timely manner. It is important to addresses all feedback, complaints/compliments with a sense of urgency. Communicates frequently with Front of the House Management to ensure that food production consistently exceeds the expectations of members and their guests.

Key Expectations and Goals:

  • “Attention to the casual side of the operation is as important as the formal side”
  • Staff recruitment and retention.
  • Maintains a team approach to all that is culinary.
  • Communication of a compelling and consistent vision for the culinary operation.
  • Creative and fresh ideas and products.
  • Enthusiastic interaction with the members.
  • Prudent budgeting and planning. Monitors actual financial results; takes corrective action as necessary to help ensure that financial goals are met.

Ideal Candidate Profile: The position requires a strong, well-organized leader who is committed to being the best in their field and dedicated to lifelong learning of current culinary trends. The right individual will be self-motivated, able to work in a multi-cultural environment, possess a creative approach to menu planning and continually be able to offer unique and distinctive dining experiences.

The position reports to the General Manager/COO and works closely with the clubs other department heads and is expected to complete all objectives and special projects on a timely basis as assigned by the General Manager. High visibility is a must as is strong written and verbal communication skills.

Education and Experience:

 Culinary degree and CEC designation preferred. (The previous Chef held CMC designation but this is not a prerequisite.)
 Experience at up-scale resorts/hotels or at Club’s with a strong food reputation. Experience with high-volume valued.
 Proficient in the use of technology.
 Knowledge of wine and beverage pairing with food.

Finally, the successful candidate must be a good fit for the culture of the Club. He or she must demonstrate values, conduct, and integrity consistent with the Club’s. The candidate must approach the position with humility and the mindset of a servant leader who cares for “others above self.” This individual should value the formation of lasting professional relationships and become an active member of the Senior Management Team.

Training/Competitions: Continuting to build the culinary team will be a priority for the next Executive Chef. A track record of success in building intern and apprentice programs, as well as the progressive development of supervisors is a must. While the club has been supportive of the Chef competing in international and national competitions in the past, the Club would not expect a new candidate to have those same aspirations in their first few years in the position.

Menu Planning and Development: Menu development will be an ongoing process. There will be numerous opportunities to create and try new dishes – incorporating seasonal and local ingredients but, the Executive Chef must be mindful of the somewhat traditional tastes of a large percentage of the membership. Accordingly menus should offer a mixture of standard menu items along with new offerings. The Executive Chef will be expected to help develop member programs and events as well as contribute to member publications.

Other: The Executive Chef is hands-on and cooks or directly supervises the cooking of items that require skillful preparation. Evaluates food products to assure that quality standards are consistently achieved and develops policies and procedures to enhance and measure quality. The Executive Chef also oversees the Employee Meal Program.

He/she establishes standards and controls to minimize food and supply waste and to ensure consistent food preparation and presentations. The Chef will establish portion controls for all items served and assists in establishing menu selling prices.

Sanitation is a priority in the operation and the Chef will insure safeguards for all food preparation by training employees to increase their knowledge about safety, sanitation, and accident prevention principles. Establishes and maintains a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for kitchen equipment and all kitchen areas.

The Club will offer a very competitive compensation plan including a base salary, bonus program, continuing education and other standard perks and benefits for this Executive position. Interested individuals should send resumes, a well-conceived cover letter and supporting information i.e., pictures, menus, personal website etc. in strict confidence.

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