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Banquet Sous Chef, The Detroit Athletic Club, Detroit, MI by DZA

Banquet Sous Chef, The Detroit Athletic Club, Detroit, MI by DZA

Another Top Club Chef Opportunity conducted by DZA, a strategic alliance of DMA

Founded in 1887, the DAC continues to play a major role in the history of Detroit and the great state of Michigan. Its first clubhouse was located on Woodward Avenue and was replaced in 1915 with great fanfare by a magnificent and current clubhouse on Madison Avenue.

Today, members celebrate more than a century of leadership and enjoy the continuing tradition of culinary excellence under the direction of Shawn Loving, CMC, offering globally-inspired cuisine.

Banquet Sous Chef: Oversees production and execution of private or club events. The largest sit-down DAC can accommodate is 500. Needs to be disciplined an able to work independently.

  • Consistently executes member and club events. Has the ability to grow, expand and diversify event and banquet offerings.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to his/her team and throughout the culinary program in general. Maintains team player mentality

Position Summary: The DAC needs a Banquet Sous Chef with strong cooking skills based on solid fundamentals; has complete understanding of traditional, classical, and modern methods. He/she has Club, or 5-Star Hotel experience based on excellence and details of service. Especially Platinum Clubs, with service excellence culture. Beyond cooking – skilled administratively managing personnel budgets along with accuracy in purchasing and maintaining food inventories and cost control. Trained to expedite and manage by ‘leadership action’ all employees within kitchen.

Primary Functions and Duties:

  • This is a combination position to include both cooking online when needed as well as successful banquet services from multiple events taking place at the club simultaneously.
  • Good sound cooking fundamental, leadership skills with a very diverse culture and culinary to include stewarding staff.
  • This position will provide quality control in these areas to meet and satisfy the standards of DAC membership
  • Works well with others, be willing to have positive energy along with working directly with the banquet chef creating synergy.
  • Encourages team building with the banquet culinary team to include training and product development.
  • Concentrates on culture and service guarantees with quality food daily, focus on exceeding membership.
  • Assists with menu development for club events.
  • Skilled administratively managing personnel budgets along with accuracy in purchasing and maintaining food inventories and cost control.
  • Ensures shift opening & closing procedures are followed, that requisitions are complete, accounted for and processed.
  • Is flexible and accommodating when communicating with members and management. NOTE: This is a unique opportunity to work in a scratch food kitchen with a Certified Master Chef (CMC) were quality sustainable, farm-to-table ingredients and expert technique are paramount.

A compensation package that will include a competitive base salary and performance bonus. Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401K, vacation, dining and Chef’s Conference allowances. Relocation allowance is negotiable.

Interested individuals should send resumes, a well-conceived cover letter, and supporting information (a digital Portfolio is encouraged)   Click Here to upload your information:

Work with Denise Zanchelli and Team DZA, a team of proven culinary professionals to help advance your career.


”A DAC leader puts the highest priority on member satisfaction and that of the associates within their area of responsibility. Member satisfaction can be achieved only when Club personnel work in harmony. The first task of DAC leadership is to focus on the performance and well-being of their associates. Only then are we prepared to meet our ultimate purpose of serving members. To accomplish these objectives, the DAC leader adheres to the highest level of personal accountability and virtuous traits of character.”

A DAC Leader is:

  1. truthful and trustworthy
  2. takes initiative
  3. always respectful and polite
  4. a team member who works well with others
  5. dependable
  6. at their best and expects the best from associates
  7. honorable in speech and does not use profanity
  8. a peacemaker
  9. positive and possesses a good sense of humor
  10. an adherent of the Consistent Performance Process
  11. dedicated to developing associates
  12. a believer that others come first before self
  13. dedicated to providing excellent service
  14. a clear communicator
  15. customer focused
  16. decisive and confident in action
  17. loyal to authority and those in their care
  18. an active listener of associates and the customer
  19. goal-orientated and vision inspired
  20. recognizes and encourages associates
  21. inspirational and projects health and vitality

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