Maintaining Positive Relationships with Your GM

This month, I thought I would share an article with you. Do you ever wonder why certain Chefs do not work out at certain clubs when they seem so perfect for the position? When we are called into clubs to do the search for a new Executive Chef, we learn - more often than not - it is due to a falling out with the General Manager. I call it “break down in communications - a failed relationship.” In this regard, I have a few suggestions for you to consider. Please give me your feedback. Do you have any additional..

Great Food Begins with Great Products

When I was actively managing clubs, I was always amazed when the Chef and I spoke about the quality of food products used at the club, how food is handled, and the resources necessary to secure various products. The F&B committee invariably found this discussion an enlightening one and suggested sharing the information with the […]
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