Independence Day, July 2020

  Dear Friends of the Firm, The 4th of July is almost here, a special day for all Americans as it marks the Independence of the United States of America. It’s no wonder that just like all events and occasions being held this year; this historic day will need to be celebrated with extra care. […]
Professional Polish Chart

Professional Polish

Personal traits Professional Chef’s should aspire to. By Bill Schulz, MCM   Did you ever wonder why – “When there are two Chefs having comparable experience and culinary skills with equal opportunity for advancement, one individual progress in his or her career while the other is stagnant?”  The answer is ‘professional polish’.  What personal traits […]
Craig Meyer CEC, CCA, AAC

Lakeside Country Club Meets Hurricane Harvey

and the show must go on … Craig Meyer CEC, CCA, AAC Executive Chef Lakeside Country Club On Saturday August 26th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall dumping over 50 inches of rain in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. By Monday August 28th, 2017, reservoirs holding water throughout Harris County experienced 6 inches of run-off […]
Lawrence T. McFadden, CMC

Creativity or Culinary Confusion

by Lawrence T. McFadden, CMC When deliberate, creativity can give rise to brilliance. When presumed, the results can be a total bomb. I recently read a magazine article hyping the trend of cooking with ash, in which vegetables are scorched into a black powder and used for a dusting of proteins. I wondered if the […]

Exceeding Expectations — My three-step approach

A subject of great fascination to me is to better understand the process to Meet or Exceed Expectations. If it were possible for a Chef to know exactly how customers and management perceive the experience and their food, the Chef could do a better job and become more effective in accommodating their needs. To begin […]

Maintaining Consistency In Your Food Operation

When (DMA) is retained to conduct a Chef Search, we always try to find the reason why the Club is looking for a new Chef. If the Chef is being terminated, what is the reason? We have heard every reason imaginable but overall, the number one reason we hear most is the “ala carte operation […]

Managing Special Requests

In 1974, the fast food chain Burger King came out with the famous commercial – Have it Your Way. The jingle went on with a message that said “Special Orders Don’t Upset Us”- That commercial and the attitude it communicated, gained national recognition as a model for how all restaurants should conduct business. I haven’t […]

The Evolution of Club Food Service

For Chefs who work in clubs and Chefs considering switching their career to clubs, there is something you all should know. Club food service operations are unique; sometimes fickle and often very unpredictable. They are complicated and diverse and can be frustrating at times. Don’t get me wrong, being an Executive Chef in a private […]

Why Some Chefs Fall Short

By Dan Hugelier, CMC “It’s all about the fundamentals of cooking” Recently I was asked how important it is for a chef to understand the foundational principles of sound cooking. That seems like a crazy question; akin to asking a lawyer if they had knowledge of the law or, an architect if he knew how […]

Chef’s Must Understand their Numbers

By Bill Schulz, MCM The food & beverage department is the most scrutinized operation throughout the Club. For example, golf course expenses may exceed budget in any given month with no consequence. However, if the food cost is even one percentage off budget, Chefs are held accountable and need to justify the variance. The reason […]