Advantages to Working as a Club Chef

By Dan Hugelier, CMC (Dan Hugelier, CMC is our Culinary Specialist working with David Meyers Associates. Dan’s impressive culinary career is recognized industry-wide for his many contributions as a culinary professional and coach to many. His career spans decades, leading highly acclaimed culinary programs working in both hotels and Clubs and most recently under his […]

Where Have All The Cooks Gone?

By David Meyers I often receive calls from Chefs, from all parts of the country asking for help in finding Sous Chefs and Cooks. Kitchen staffing has always been a challenge but in today’s world it’s become very frustrating as many Clubs can’t even get people in the door to apply. Many Chefs tell me […]

Dichotomy of a Club Food Operation; what is the Chef to do!

By Bill Schulz, MCM The food service operation is considered a primary department in club operations. All members of the club patronize the food operation to some extent, whereas other services and facilities may be used only by specific individuals. Food service in clubs is different from food service in specialty restaurants, hotels, or other […]

Evolving Member Expectations & the Expected Shelf Life of today’s Club Chef?

…here is what a group of Chicago area Club Chef’s had to say Earlier this month I enjoyed hosting a group of local Club Chefs for lunch at a popular trending restaurant on the North Shore of Chicago. Our gathering served as an opportunity for me to introduce a few of our placements and get […]

Making of a Chef

When David Meyers Associates is retained for a Club Chef Search, we try to get management to tell us what qualities they are looking for in their next Chef. They almost always give us two or three attributes as well as areas within their operation they would like to fix with their new hire. They […]

Staff Development

Over the years I have heard many Chefs moan about losing key employees who they had trained and developed within their clubs. If wages are competitive and the work environment is a good one, it is easy to empathize with the Chef who says: “I’m sick and tired of spending all that time training someone […]

Food & Beverage Profitability

Some years ago I wrote an article for Club Management Magazine tiled, “What Happened to Food & Beverage Profitability?” I believe I hit a nerve because after the article was published, I began to receive calls and emails from managers throughout the country agreeing with my conclusions. To this day I continue to receive an […]

Creating a SERVICE Culture

CULTURE is a key ingredient for the sustainability and prosperity of all private clubs. Creating an adaptive culture that is aligned to business goals and objectives will provide clubs with the ability to significantly outperform their competitors and prosper with both membership growth and retention! Accelerated performance is caused because the group (i.e. the club […]

Making Your Best Impression

Some years ago, I read an article that really stuck with me. The name of the article was, “A Portfolio Beats a Resume Any Day,” written by Bob Weinstein from Tech Watch after his interview with John Sullivan, who at the time was a consultant to Fortune 500 Firms. The article began by quoting John […]
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Chef Due-Diligence Realities

by Bill Schulz, MCM Culinary Search Associate Leading a successful food service operation demands consistency along with continual monitoring and followup. Being an Executive Chef has placed unique demands on you, but I know… deep down you love what you do. You have a passion for the business; you have to, in order to put  […]