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Army Navy Country Club
Arlington, VA
Baltimore Country Club
Baltimore, MD
Bohemian Club
San Francisco, CA
Chartwell Golf & Country Club
Severna Park, MD
Grey Oaks Country Club
Naples, FL
Houston Country Club
Houston, TX
Medinah Country Club
Medina, IL
St. Francis Yacht Club
San Fransisco, CA
The Club at Admirals Cove
Jupiter, FL
Wichita Country Club
Wichita, KS

Utilizing the Executive Chef Search services of David Meyers Associates offers several compelling advantages:

  1. Let the (DMA ) Team assist you. From left to right Bill Schulz, MCM, David Meyers and Dan Hugelier, CMC.

    Let the (DMA ) Team assist you. From left to right Bill Schulz, MCM, David Meyers and Dan Hugelier, CMC.

    Unlike others, we do not present the same candidate to more than one club at the same time.
  1. We provide our client clubs with a deep and talented pool of carefully screened candidates, all of whom have the professional culinary skills and personal temperaments to flourish at the club for many years to come.
  1. Unlike others, we are the only private club executive search firm to require written responses from proposed candidates as part of our internal evaluation process. We want to be sure that our placements really know the business – and can communicate in an articulate, persuasive and grammatically correct manner.
  1. (DMA) also offers an optional “On-site Culinary Strength Test” This includes a hands-on exercise challenging the final chef candidate(s) to demonstrate their skills by actually cooking, which we can personally administer at your club. Each candidate receives a “Tasting Exercise” with ingredients representing materials commonly found on club menus. Candidates are instructed to write a menu and prepare a four-course meal within a four-hour period, than served to your Chef Selection Committee for evaluation. The number of portions to be determined according to the number of individuals participating in the evaluation process.
  1. David Meyers has significant, first-hand experience in both successfully managing clubs and actually running the kitchen as an Executive Chef. He has more extensive personal contacts – and knows what it really takes.
  1. Our "no excuses'' multi-year guarantee and unique “after placement follow-up” insure a smooth and productive transition. (We have had to use our guarantee only once, confirming a significantly greater percentage of successful placements than any other firm in the private club executive search business.)
  1. We purposely limit the number of assignments we accept at any given time. When you engage David Meyers Associates, you get personalized, full-time attention.

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